Our History

In 1997 Lenoir Rhyne University, Hickory NC  hosted the National Secretariat Annual Meeting for Via De Cristo.  Worship is central to these conventions so therefore out of the need for additional singers..... Cantamos was born!   Approximately a dozen people comprised that first choir but within two months of that convention, Cantamos had been  formed as a continuing musical outreach ministry for the Western North Carolina Via De Cristo movement. 

Since those meager beginnings our membership has grown to over forty members who donate their time and talent on behalf of the movement.  Cantamos has sung to over 7,000 christians...at churches, retirement homes, synod conventions and social gatherings.  We continue to respond
by invitation to those who seek christian unity and worship.

We offer a variety of worship styles from concert style to full worship formats which may include Holy Communion.  Our musical selections include both traditional and contemporary genres.

To schedule Cantamos for an upcoming event at your location, simply click on the tab below..."Book an Engagement" and complete the form.

                         2010  Members

Cathy Baker                             Larry Baker
Jane Caldwell                         Randy Buckwell
Rochell Dagenhart              Bill Byrd
Elaine Frye                                Rathel Goodman
Kay Harmon                             Russell Hawkins
Bunnie Hawkins                     Bob Lewis
Peggi Parlier        
                    Margaret Monds
Nancy Philbeck                      Dennis Parlier
Brenda Jackson                    Jim Pemberton
Brenda Ritchie                       
John Simon
Mary Riley                                 Jim St.John
Debbie Speights     
               Larry Witham
Gaye St.John                                                                   
Lois Witham                                                       

      Alto                                               Bass
LeaAnn Buckwell                  Melvin Bost
Jane Bumgarner                   Steve Bumgarner
Jane Guelzow                         Gene Frye
Sherry Starks                           Jon Guelzow
JoAnna Wilson                       Ted Hawkins
                                                         Chuck Philbeck        

                                                         Brent Talley